Ambient Intelligence

Ambient intelligence aims at increasing the quality of life by introducing the technology into our everyday environment in a way that places minimal burden on the user. This requires understanding the user’s situation and needs, which we address by analyzing human behavior using various sensors. Read more →

Computational Intelligence

Computational intelligence is a study of stochastic search, optimization and learning methods, inspired by physical and biological systems. Research in this area at the Department of Intelligent Systems focuses on the evolutionary computation methods. We study extensions of evolutionary algorithms for multiobjective optimization and their parallelization, and apply these algorithms in engineering design and optimization problems. Read more →

Agent and Multiagent Systems

In the field of agent modeling we are focused on the behavior analysis of individuals and groups. Read more →

Machine Learning and Data Mining

The overall goal of the data mining and machine learning is to extract knowledge (in a human-understandable structure) from large quantities of data i.e. examples that illustrate relations between observed variables. Read more →

Natural Languange

In the field of speech and language technologies we work on speech synthesis, forensic speaker recognition, semantic analysis of text and question answering. Read more →

Games and Search

Search algorithms are used for computer game playing, pathfinding, planning and solving many other problems. We work on heuristic search in general as well as on search pathology, the phenomenon that deeper search sometimes yields worse results. Read more →